Crafts | Flame Headband


This piece is an accessory to my Slice of Cake Costume, but it's just a flame so can be used in other scenarios and costumes! 

The Details: 
  • Total Price: ~ $5 
  • Total Time: ~ 30 minutes 
1. Gather your Materials 
    I already had the gold trim like ribbon and simply bought the * Headband and *Orange Tulle.  

2. OPTIONAL: Take headband apart 
    I didn't care for the headband I had bought, it was gold and that was appealing but it was very cheaply made. It was already falling apart and the tulle they had used was gross. So I took the whole thing apart. 
3. Make a Base 
    With headbands you always want a nice sturdy base to place your embellishments on, but also one that has a bit of flair to it! I cut up the trim into small pieces and placed them in a circular form to add a "Firework" like look to the headband. 

4. Make your Flame 
    I didn't like how tall the crown part was, So I shortened it about an inch. I then lined it with different sized gold trim to again add a spark like look to the flame. In my mind this worked for a flame-like effect. I then gathered tulle in the same length and started glueing that on top of the trim to create the inner flame. 
5. Assemble 
    After that I simply glued the crown-like piece into a circle and glued it onto my base! I then cut the rounds of the tulle to create a flair effect and cut some of the outer ones to be shorter and the inner ones to be longer to get a flame-like shape! 

This was a nice simple craft. It wasn't very time consuming and turned out great. I also think it was simply enough to do with a child! Check out the Slice of Cake Costume I made it for! 


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