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"Life is too short to say no to cake!" 

This costume was a stellar request from my 7yr old cousin. She wanted to be a "Fancy blue piece of cake" where she was the candle (I love how children's minds work!).  I had a lot of fun with this and not only am I proud of how well it turned out, looking at it has me wishing it was my Halloween Costume! 

Accessory: Flame Headband 

The Details: 
  • Total Time: ~ 3 - 6 Hours 
  • Total Price: ~ $50 - $90 
  1. For a 7yr old girl, cannot be heavy or uncomfortable 
  2. Said child is not available to be measured 
  3. What is a "fancy" cake for a child? 
  4. How to decorate without it looking tacky but instead look elegant! 
  5. For a child, must stay in tact! 
1. Gather Materials
    The structure of this just requires foam core poster board and flimsy cardboard plus some adhesive. The decoration is up to you honestly! I can be picky so my materials were more expensive! 
  • 2 Large Foam Core Poster Board 
  • 1 Flimsy cardboard 
  • Ribbon 
  • Gift wrap paper (I used Papyrus sheets because of how thick/beautiful/heavy duty they are but they are also very costly! )
  • Tulle 
  • OPTIONAL: Fun Embellishments / Foam pipe cover
2. Create your structure 
     * Height: Measure the height you'd like this cake to be. My girl wanted it to be from mid/lower thigh to mid waist. This measured around 15". 
     * Width: Measure around the waist where the cake's top will be, my girl is 22" around. I took into consideration that with a jacket on and some space to move around comfortably a circumference of 36'' which gave her an extra 2.3 inches all around. 

     * You want to be more towards the back of the piece of cake, it's heavier there. So make your circle towards the back and then draw a triangle around that! The length of your cake sides will be the length of your triangle. I hot glued and duct taped for double adhesive! 

     * Take the flimsy Cardboard and start bending it! I bent at every 2 - 3 little breaks in the board! Then glue that to the back side in a rounded shape. 

3. Make your Cake Filling
     I used light cream (vanilla), brown (chocolate), light blue (blueberry cream), and dark blue (blueberry jelly) tulle for my cake filling! I had bought 3 yards of both the cream/brown and and 2 yards of the blues! 
    * Cut the height of the tulle into a section, keep the length, and just scrunch and glue at the end, on the middle and at the end on the other side. About 3-4 layers for optimum color!
    * You also don't have to go all the way to the end, keep a couple inches on both sides.  

4. Decorate the back of the cake (Outside)
    You want to do this first so you can cover up the mishaps with the top! 
    *OPTIONAL: Place a foam pip across the top to add some shape to the cake 
    *Glue your paper design starting at the side (covering up the tulle ends) and then all along the back to the other side (covering up the tulle on that side). 
    **** I used Papyrus sheets because of the design and I love the material and thickness! But they are expensive ($6 / sheet and I used 4 total) so for a cheaper option use gift wrap paper!
    **** The striped design allowed me to match up the striped of the second sheet without seeing  the seam!  
    * I then added some color to the back with strips of the blue tulle that I had left over and that truly just made the whole thing pop and look sooooo good!! 

5. Decorate the Top of your cake! 
     This was the easiest, it was pretty much just covering up all any of the mishaps! This is where I used the other 2 sheets of Papyrus paper and again I made sure to line up the design as exactly as I could so one would not notice the seam. 
    *Glue the first sheet with the edge closest to the middle of the piece, fold the paper under or cut it off to have the back edge round nicely. 
    * On the sides I would fold the sheet under so you don' have uneven scissor edges to glue down, cut the excess so you're only folding in about half an inch of paper, make sure you're gluing everywhere along the top! 
    * Afterwards turn the cake upside down and create small pizza slices in the paper that falls over the hole, glue the flaps down. 
    * I would also use this time to glue down the ribbon that is going to hold this up for you! Two on both side of the back and two on both sides of the front! You'll be tying these around your shoulders so keep length in mind! 

6. Add your decorative toppings! 
     This is fully based on what you or your little one want to add on your cake! Have fun with it!! 
     * I bought a whole bunch of these christmas decoration foam balls that were super light and super pretty and lined the back with them 
     * I took apart these christmas glittery floral ribbons and added them to the back since they matched the balls so well and looked really good! 
     * I also found this small garland of paper dots for scrapbooking and cut them apart to use as sprinkles in my cake. 


Ah so cute! Along with this I provided a thick gold ribbon she can wrap around herself (to be a candle) and a Flame Headband 

Please tag me on any of my social media: Insta: @beyond.pages and Twitter: @beyond_pages if you make this! I would love to see!!


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