Crafts 4 Kids | Paper Flowers


The Details: 

  • Time: ~ 10 min (for one flower)
  • Expense: $5 

  • Paper (I used tissue paper)
  • Scissors 
  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Adhesive - glue or tape! 

1. Cut the paper into a long rectangle. Anywhere from 2-4 inches in width and any length over 10 inches works! Another option is to fold the paper to a rectangle if you want layers! 

2. Cut slits along one side of the rectangle. 

3. Tape or glue the pipe cleaner or any other material you chose to use as your stem to one end of the paper. 

4. Start rolling! You can choose to use glue every couple of rolls if your paper is longer than 8 inches. 

5. Glue or tape things together when you reach the end. 

Repeat until you have a beautiful bouquet! 

Hope you and your kid enjoy this craft!! 


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