Crafts 4 Kids | Paper Flowers II


The Details: 
  • Time: ~ 30 Minutes (Per flower)
  • Expense: $5 
The Materials:
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • Colored or patterned paper 

1. Cut: Cut the paper into squares! In my pictures I used napkins and gift wrap paper! The size of your squares will determine the size of the flowers, 2-3 inches a side is ideal. You can make some smaller ones as well for when you get toward the center! 

2. Roll: Here you want to roll the squares around one corner and glue two adjacent sides together to make a cone like shape. 

3. Glue: You want to cut out a circle and start gluing the cone tips into a circle. You can either do one or two layers and just glue another dot into the middle or you can keep going around with the smaller squares. 

These are fun to put along a wall as decoration! Hope you enjoy!


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