Crafts 4 Kids | Tulle Tutu


Sun's out which means school's out! Get those kids off their electronic devices and start crafting!!

Here's a simple tulle tutu to make with your daughter/niece/sister/etc, a very fun activity for kids especially since it's dance recital month!

The Details: 
  • Price: ~ $15
  • Time: ~ 2 Hours
  • Ribbon
  • Colored Tulle (however many colors you want!! Have fun!) 
  • Scissors 

1. Cut the Tulle: If you buy a roll of tulle the width should be fine and you just need to cut some strips. The length really doesn't matter, longer and the tutu with fall like a skirt, shorter and the tutu will flair out. A mix is also fun! Different colors are also fun! If you bought the tulle by the yards then cut the width of the tulle to anywhere between 4-6 inches. 

2. Cut the Ribbon: You want to measure the ribbon to whoever's waist the tutu is going to sit on, keep extra tho by about 10 inches so there's enough to tie it and make a pretty bow!

3. Start Tying! I would start in the middle of the ribbon and work outward, you're going to loop tie the tulle around the ribbon. Make sure you're tying the tulle the same direction all the way around so the tulle falls the same. You can also layer pieces on top of each other to create layers on the tutu. 

We hope your little one enjoys this craft as much as our niecey did!!

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