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"Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins" 

This super adorable purple cupcake costume was made for my 3yr old cousin. I enjoyed building this piece a lot, and once it was done, I realized that while this was super cute for a toddler, it's also cute for anyone and can be made in any size! 

Accessory Piece: Candy Toppings Headband

The Details: 
  • Total Cost: ~ $22 
  • Total Time: ~ 6 Hours 
  1. Must be super light in weight for a toddler 
  2. Children break things, must stay in tact for said toddler 
  3. Nothing that can irritate the skin or that a toddler can knock off 
Keep In Mind: 
  • WIDTH: Make sure the top most layer has a circumference larger than the chest area of the person wearing this costume. My toddler is 19" around so the topmost layer is about 27"
  • HEIGHT: I measured this costume to be from the chest area to mid thighs. The length of my toddler from underarm to knees was 18" so my cupcake height is 15-16" 
  • DISTRIBUTION: My cup is about 8" in height, and then my cake part is 8 or 9 inches. So think of sizing as you go about this. 
1. Gather the Materials: 
     I started out with a lot more than I needed here mainly because I wasn't actually sure how to construct this cupcake. In the end many of my materials came from the dollar store which was awesome! 
   * Basket (the bottom piece should be large/small enough for thighs to fit in and comfortably walk)
   * White gift bag
   * Table Runner (Mine's from hobby lobby)
   * Loofahs (Optional)
   * Foam pipe covers of different circumferences (Home Depot)
   * Colored Tulle
   * Beads 
   * Ribbon
   * Cotton Drape (Optional)

2. Build the Cup Structure 
    The dollar store basket is awesome because it's thin and cheap, which means it was super easy to cut with a blade. Cut out the bottom of the basket and tie 4 long strips of ribbon to the basket. These ribbon are going to be tied to the shoulders to hold the costume up, so measure based on where you want the bottom of the cupcake to the shoulders for length of ribbon. 

*** Optional - Use the drape to create insulation around the basket 

3. Make the Cupcake Wrapper 
    The table runner was the perfect material (thicker, waterproof, not flimsy) but still wasn't sturdy enough. So I glued the flimsy gift bag to it, together they made the perfect strength. 
    * You have to first take apart the gift bag from the sides so you have the longest part, and cut it to be just a bit longer than the height of the basket. 
    * Do the same with the table runner then glue that onto the gift bag paper 
    * The length should be longer than the larger circumference of the basket 
    * Make folds - this hurts! After about half your hands get tired but it's totally worth it because of how cute it turns out! 
    * Keep the folded liner under something heavy for a while, I put them under a couple of books 
    * Glue each of the creases down all around the basket


4. OPTIONAL: Add some 'Decorative Frosting' 
    I wanted something that cover up an discrepancies in sizing between the cup and the cake frosting, and I knew that the frosting was going to have glue and other imperfections showing in between the cup and cake so I took apart some colorful mini loofahs (Dollar Store 4for$1) and glued them down to add some flair around the base of the cupcake frosting. They worked really well since the net texture allowed for the next pieces to also be glued straight to basket and they didn't add any weight to the costume. 

5. Make the Frosting
   * Here you're going to take the thickest foam pipe, and cut it the circumference that fits the cupcake liner. 
   * I cut the pipe about 1/3 because it was easier to get it stay in a circle. 
   * Glue it together, then duct tape it! (Ignore my pictures on this, I didn't have duct tape in the house so got creative with metal wire)
   * Cut the tulle into about a 1/3 the height and wrap around the foam pipe, I recommend at least two layers or scrunched all the way. Glue along the back, at least every two to three wraps.

6. Glue the Frosting Layers 
    * I did 2 layers of the thickest pipe and 2 of the medium. I also had them get smaller in circumference as I went.
    * Because they are only half of the pipe I was also able to glue the upper layer to sit into the lower layer! If for a child---Lots of Glue!!! 

7. Decorate your Cupcake!
    This is a free for all, do whatever you want. My toddler requested sprinkles and chocolate chips on her cupcake, I did not deliver on the chocolate chips but she was okay with that since the cupcake was purple (lol!) 
    * I used gold trim to line the layers, this was an easy way to cover up any glue imperfections 
    * I didn't have any beads, so I cut apart some Mardi Gras beads I had and just glued those randomly all over 
    * I still had some purple loofah left so added that to the top just for fun

I was able to accomplish all of my challenges with this craft, it turned out to be lighter than a tv remote! And it's absolutely precious!!! Feel free to tag @beyond.pages on Instagram if you make this! I'd love to see it!! 

Don't forget to check out the accessory to this costume: Candy Toppings Headband


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