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This adorable piece was made as an accessory to my toddler Cupcake Costume, but I think it's very versatile and can go with any sweet treat costume/theme! 

The Details: 
  • Price: ~ $15 
  • Time: ~ 1 hour
  • Must be comfortable for a 3 year old to wear 
  • Must be light in weight for said toddler 
  • Must have excess glue - toddlers break things (lol!)
1. Gather your materials: 
         I got pretty lucky that this was for a Halloween costume and that America decides to put out Christmas decorations at the beginning of October, it helped with the shopping. I was able to find a lot of little candy ornaments and sweet treat tree decorations/scrapbook embellishments that I don't think I would have been able to easily find during other parts of the year. The "My Little Christmas" company ornaments at Hobby Lobby are amazing because they're super cute and extremely light weight (and usually on sale)! 
  • Headband 
  • Something to be used as a central base (I used the tulle bow)
  • Embellishments (Doughnut, Lollipop, gumdrop, mint ornaments)

2. Create your base
        So this was pretty easy since I had just bought a tulle bow, I was unsure about it at first because its not sturdy to hold other things but that also offered an extra challenge! I thread a small piece of metal wire through this a couple times and the ribbon around the headband to add a secondary seal incase the glue wasn't enough. I had the metal wire come out on top of the headband and glued it down so it wouldn't irritate the wearer. 
3. Add awesome things! 
      I played around with all the little ornaments I had bought for this one. I knew for a fact that I wanted to use the mini doughnut and a lollipop! After that I just had to see what arrangement worked best.   ***When using the ornaments be sure to take out the string and little piece holding the string

I ended up using: 
  • Sprinkled Truffle - aka a colorful foam ball from a Christmas decoration piece 
  • Mini Doughnut - Christmas Ornament 
  • Lollipop - Christmas Ornament 
  • Mint - Scrapbook embellishment 
  • Gumdrops - Christmas Ornament 
The gumdrops ended up being useful as a way to cover up the metal wire and have something small outside of the central piece on the headband. I also placed a couple behind the truffle to add height to the lollipop so you can see it well! 

Hope you enjoy this mini craft as much as I did, I'm obsessed with how cute it turned out!! 


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  1. Beautiful, I love it. Thank you so much for the tutorial, excellent!