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4.27.2023 Iceland

I'm a major foodie so obviously I have to share my favorite food spots while traveling around Iceland! I hope you love these as much as I did! 


Mat Bar - A middle eastern tapas bar with exquisite cocktails and wine. I loved how fresh everything in this restaurant was including but not limited to the fresh cocktails made in house and on the spot! The staff was friendly and the vibes were trendy. This restaurant is compact so please try to make a reservation in advanced. 

What We Ordered: 

  • Chicken Yakitori  

  •  Mozzarella de Bufala  

  •  Baked Cheese w/ Flatbread  

  •  Cauliflower Dip 

Sandholt - The best bakery serving breakfast staples, sandwiches, pastries and coffee. I was told to visit Braud & Co which I did not like at all, however I went to Sandholt 3 times on my trip. Everything was so fresh, tasted wonderful and it was easy to grab and the go the items on our way out to explore for the day. 

Omnom Chocolate - Iceland is known for it's chocolates and ice cream out of the all things and Omnom did not disappoint! I do recommend getting one of their signature ice cream concoctions while purchasing some chocolate bars as gifts for friends and family back home. 

Golden Triangle 

Fridheimar - This place is a MUST! Of all the food places you can go to in Iceland, I HIGHLY recommend this one! It's along the Golden Triangle and perfect to stop at for lunch after Thingvellir National Park. Fridhemar is a family run restaurant offering tomato-based dishes amidst a greenhouse. All produce is grown and made fresh in house! 

What we ordered: 

  • The unlimited tomato and soup and bread! A MUST!  

  •  Chicken Skewers  

  •  Burrata  

  • Tomato Cheesecake  

  •  Spicy Bloody Mary & Tomato Beer 


The Soup Company - A family run restaurant in the heart of Iceland with some amazing soup! The soups come in bread bowls if you like which are equally delicious. This was great for lunch. 

What we ordered: 

  • Red Hot Lava - Spicy meat soup with beef, beans and vegetables served in a black bread bowl. 

  •  Vegan Curry Soup - Their vegan soup is consistently changing, mine was an Indian curry based one which turned out pretty good! 


Kristjans Bakari - Yet another amazing bakery found in the town of Akureyri! I grabbed a few different pastries from here and loved them all! 

Islendingar Borda -  Fun fact, Iceland is also known for their hotdogs! Better fact, they have hotdogs from all kinds of different meats and even have vegetarian hot dogs making this a must have for everyone to try! 

Snacks We Loved: 

  • Isey Skyr - Iceland is also known for their Skyr, or yogurt! There were many brands to choose from and we loved this one 
  • Doritos - Sweet Chili Pepper Flavor - I'm not a chips person but omg did I inhale these! 
  • Oatmilk Chocolates 

I hope this was helpful to find and explore some food while on your trip! Feel free to reach out with any comments and here's a video to save and refer to for later! Video

Happy Travels, 

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