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I'm a major foodie so obviously I have to share my favorite food spots while traveling around Colombia! I hope you love these as much as I did! 


  1. Taqueria La Neta
    - Located inside the Plaza De mercado Paloquemao is this small taqueria serving up amazing tacos, burritos and more!! The market itself is a fun vibe so I would definitely count on spending some time here. 
  2. El Cielo - We did an 18 course tasting here which was phenomenal. I lot of Colombian history and thought was put into each dish here and it was quite the experience. 
  3. Huitzilin Restaurante - I clearly love my tacos! But this place was in the Chorro De Quevedo area making it a vibe to hang around here in the evening! I recommend the outdoor seating. 
  4. Cuhuba - This place was a really cute and where our Salsa dancing class was. Their drinks were perfection and the owner was the sweetest! 
Medellin: Most of the good restaurants were in the El Poblado neighborhood so we found ourselves back there almost every evening! 
  1. Yacky Chan - I would go back here just for the bao buns they were so good!! We tried a little bit of everything here including the sushi and bao buns take the win! The mocktails were good too 
  2. Comuna 13 - I highly recommend trying all the street food while out here. The arepas and popsicles I tried were so good! I definitely did not get anything even close anywhere else! 
  3. Criminal Taqueria - I loved the variety of sauces and salsas they had here to try out. 
  4. Carmen - I really enjoyed their 5 course tasting menu - I did the vegetarian version. Their drinks were also very good. 
  1. Epoca Cafe - Located in the walled city this place was quite charming and good for brunch and coffee. 
  2. Pascal - Another great find for brunch in the Getsemani Neighborhood. I highly recommend trying their pancakes! So fluffy and delicious! 
  3. Peru Fusion Sushi - This is some of the best sushi I've ever had. They had some really interesting combinations but I loved everything we tried. 
  4. Maria Bonita Taqueria - Located in the heart of the Getsemani Neighborhood, I've never had Chicken mole the way it was made here. The chocolate taste was absolutely amazing and I loved the vibes. 
  5. Alquimico - 3 story bar in the walled city. This was voted one of the best bars in the world and right fully so. Each floor has a different menu and the drinks were all great. 
  6. Gimani - a cozy speakeasy rooftop bar in the Getsemani Neighborhood.

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