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Ugly Christmas Sweater parties have really gained popularity, so much popularity that no one does any other theme anymore! Dressing as holiday elements or Christmas characters or really anything else are great themes! Since I already made an ugly christmas sweater years ago I wanted a reason to craft, so this year I made a fun holiday inspired dress! 

The Details: 
  • Price: ~ $40
  • Time: ~ 6 Hours 
The Materials: 
  • A simple dress - mine is this from target 
  • White satin fabric 
  • Small bows - dollar store 
  • Top hat ornament 
  • Hair Clip 
  • Tons of decorative elements - ribbon, snowflakes, mints, christmas lights, ornaments, etc. 
1. Cover the Top
I was going for a snowman look on the top so I covered the top half of the dress with the pearly white fabric I had bought. This can be sewn or glued. 

2. Decorate the straps 
So I made a small mistake and accidentally cut one of the straps a bit. Therefore I used this cute candy cane ribbon to cover them up. I then took this snowflake trim to cover it. I wanted to trim to sparkle a bit so I sprayed some spray glue and sprinkled some light blue/white glitter over it. Then simply glued over the straps of the dress.

3. The Snow 
I then sprayed the glue all over the top and sprinkled some fake plasticlike snow flakes on there. I also took the opportunity to sprinkle some glitter on there. After that I glued down some white scrapbooking snowflakes and colored glittery snowflakes around randomly. *Be sure to do the back as well! I used some cute plastic mints found at hobby lobby as the buttons down the middle. 

4. The Middle 
Now in order to cover up the imperfections of the new white fabric, I used a gold ribbon toward the middle. The ribbon itself was too simple for me, so I used these fun Christmas Light ornaments from Hobby Lobby on the bottom of it before gluing the ribbon down. 

5. The Skirt 
So in my head this was turning out to look like a snow woman wearing a fun holiday skirt. With that in mind I just started playing around with different stuff I had bought to see what looked cute and fun! I ended up.....
  • Using baby Dollar Store bows as a hem around the bottom of the dress 
  • I put together and glued a bunch of foam reindeer ornaments from Hobby Lobby. 
  • I randomly placed the gold snowflakes around the skirt 
  • Then randomly placed the felt ornaments from hobby lobby, and continued to string those together with gold trim! 

I found this super cute mini stocking at the Goodwill that fit my phone perfectly. Therefor I wanted to use it as a pocket for my dress. I chose to place the stocking on side towards the back so I didn't have a hard time placing things in there and it didn't ruin the look of the dress in the front! 
I also found the top hat ornament at Hobby Lobby, I took the string out of the top and glued two hair clips on the bottom to turn it into a snowman's top hat! 

Hope you enjoyed this craft as much as I did! Tag me on insta @beyond.pages if you make yourself a holiday dress! 


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