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With the holidays coming up, skip the crowds at the malls and head over to Home Depot instead to make some custom wood palette board signs! Homemade gifts are always more meaningful! 

The Details: 
  • Total Time: ~ 3 - 5 Hours 
  • Total Price: ~ $35 
1. Gather Your Materials: 

  • Wooden Planks (1'' x 6" ) - Depends on what your looking to make, 1 inch thick is more than plenty, I'd suggest 4in or 6in wide. Length depends on how big you want your sign to be. 
  • Wood Sticks - Ours are 1 inch by 2 inches I believe, these are for holding the others together
  • Sand Paper 
  • Wood Stain - Your choice in color, we went with a Gray. 
  • Acrylic Paints 
  • Drill with drill bits and screws - Preferable flat heads about 1.5 inch thick. 
  • Foam brushes 
  • Gloves and a Rag you're willing to dispose of.
  • Hook screws (the ones with the round piece on the top) - Less than 1 inch
  • Metal wire - 10lb  
2. Sand Your Wood 
     We used the paint bottles to create a firm way to sand. Make sure to sand ALL sides, back, edges and the little sticks that will be going on the back as well! 
3. Stain Your Wood 
     Make sure to stir the stain with some sort of stick, we just used a screwdriver to stir ours. The more coats, the darker it will get. It gets a bit darker as it dries. I would wear gloves for this, dip the cloth in the stain and spread across the wood. Work it in evenly, make sure to get the sides, back and even the little sticks for the back! 

4. Arrange and Drill 
  • You want to arrange the boards in the order and way you please, then turn them over that way. 
  • Use the drill bit to create a hole for the screws in the support sticks, you want one screw per board along the stick, and multiple sticks depending on length. 
  • Make sure things line up correctly, then drill the screws in.

5. Paint
  • Option 1: Free hand it! The trees in the this are completely free hand (Amazing right!!) and the letters we printed out in the way we wanted and then placed the paper on the wood, traced with pencil and it left little indents in the wood, then free hand painted. 

  • Option 2: Trace! At first I printed the Denver skyline in the size I wanted, then traced it onto sticky drawer liner. Cut out the skyline and placed on the wood. When I saw it I wanted to use a different denver skyline but had run out of drawer liner. So I had office depot print out the skyline in the size I wanted on their canvas sticky paper ($10) and then cut that out and painted! Both work! 

  • PAINTING TIP: You want to take very little paint and dab the brush sideways! You'll cover a larger range, the color will be more vibrant and you'll be able blend if you wish! 

6. Make it Mountable
       After the paint is dry, turn the piece over. You don't need a drill for this. Use a hammer to simply get the screw in there a bit then take something slim (I used a paintbrush handle) and slide it into the hole and rotate to tighten the screw in there. Stop about 2 rounds before and wrap the wire around, then do those two rounds on the screw so the wire spins with it and also tightens. You want to try to make them in line if more than one mount. 

Hope your loved ones appreciate these stellar gifts! They're super fun to make! Tag @beyond.pages on Instagram! 

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