Crafts 4 Kids | Paper Flowers III


The Details: 
  • Time: ~10 min (Per flower)
  • Expense: $5 
The Materials: 
  • Tissue Paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Ribbon or pipe cleaners 

1. Cut the Paper: You want to make rectangular sheets, preferably around 8 per flower. 

2. Fold: Fold the sheets in a zig-zag pattern, about an inch or more in width

3. Tie and Cut: Tie the folded paper strip in the middle with your ribbon or pipe cleaner, then cut the edges into a point! Try cutting the ends in different shapes and see how the flowers turn out!! 

4. Pull Apart: So now your going to pull apart the folds, and then pull apart each separate sheet to make the actual flower. Be gentle, it is tissue paper, but also don't worry if it rips a bit, no one will be able to tell! You can make a ball or fold all the sheets upwards to be able to set the flower against a wall or something. 

Try different colored tissue papers and different sizes and see what happens! 



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