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Every year we get to the holiday season and at least one of our holiday parties are an Ugly Christmas Sweater theme. Since I made my sweater a couple years ago, and absolutely love it, I haven't had a christmas craft in a while. So this year I added an ugly christmas headband. Here's how to make your own!
  1. Make a list of things that represent the holidays to you!
    1. Ex: Christmas tree, ornaments, snowmen, snowflakes, candy canes, lights, santa, etc. 
  2. Go shopping! I personally prefer Hobby Lobby & Michaels. I tend to just walk around the store with my goal in mind and just start grabbing anything I think I can use. The list beforehand makes things more helpful but most of the time things will just jump out at you. If needed browse pinterest or google to get some ideas. I never worry about grabbing too much, whatever I don't use I just return later. Creativity has no bounds!
  3. Spread everything out! When I can see all the materials I'm working with I can start messing around with them and putting things together or taking them apart, kind of like playing with legos. I also like to have some tv going on it the background, it's nice to just relax.
  4. Wrap the Headband. Nobody likes laziness and it's gross when you can see the glue and ways things were put together. I simply used some ribbon that I found at home and a glue gun. 
  5. Start Playing!  Remember, it's about having FUN! Take things apart and see how things look! I started with a cute snowflake napkin holder I found, took it apart. I played around with those candy cane things I found in the floral dept (of all places!!) and started bending them into shapes! I ended up using the small snowflake as a tree topper. 
    ** I didn't glue anything on the actual headband while I was making a piece, instead I used the wiring of this piece and just wrapped it around to see how it looked. If you glue something down right away you can't change it later, by not doing so you leave room for error and change in creative direction. **
  6. Start with the next section once you're satisfied/stuck with one piece. And don't forget to ask for advice! I love using snapchat to ask friends what they think, but at the end of the day it's my project and I'll follow my gut before what others think. ** Remember even if something looks good, doesn't mean you should stick with it right away, try a couple things out before you glue down! **    ** Also, keep in mind it IS something you wear! So put it on every couple of alterations to make sure it's comfortable!! **
  7. Break it apart! For mine the boot piece was a menu holder that was actually broken when I found it. I found it completely by chance in a pile of stuff by the registers...hence...Be Observant! The cutest pieces can be found in the most unlikely places! And it turned out to be my middle piece! All the those cute sparkly balls and everything used to decorate the boot was actually a combined bunch I took apart. Don't be afraid to get something just to break it apart and use pieces of it! I bought the necklace ($3.50) just for the snowflakes! 
  8. Materials Matter! I definitely do understand and live on a budget when it comes to crafts, but I also believe if I'm going to spend money and time on something I want it to be sturdy! I'm not going to spend all this time just to have something fall apart, not okay! I used a glue gun and floral wiring to make sure everything stayed together really well. The floral wiring is awesome! Thin, sturdy and very workable. There were times I needed to reinforce it by doubling or tripling it but it worked really well. I used the glue gun to make sure things stuck well but also used it over the wiring so there would be some padding for my head and the wiring wouldn't get caught in my hair. Glue gun also dries clear...whoo! 
  9. Make smaller pieces for your larger piece! You're not going to find everything you need or would like to use, it's not a perfect world. But the world does give you all the materials to make what you need! I found the cute little christmas lights and was set on using them, especially because I used them on my sweater too! Unlike the sweater, I could not figure out how to use them as lights for the longest time! So I made cute little christmas light flowers using the lights, wiring them together in a circle (2 layers of lights) , and glueing the snowflakes from the necklace in the middle! 
  10. Getting stuck is part of it! I knew I wanted three main pieces (and only had space for that), but couldn't figure out what to do for the third for the longest time!! Take a break! I stepped away, got my mind off things, and went to pole class. Coming back with a fresh mind can help stimulate things! Reorganize remaining materials. I took everything I still had and brought it closer and reorganized. I also took out any materials I knew for sure I didn't want to use anymore. 

In the end it's going to turn out amazing! Don't compare yours to others because yours is YOUR WORK and YOUR CREATIVITY! Be proud of it every step of the way and don't be afraid to show it off! :)

Craft details: 
  • Total Supply Cost: $28 
  • Approx Craft Time: 4 - 6 Hours (Including shopping for supplies!)
  • Supplier: Hobby Lobby
Hope I was able to awaken your crafty side! Can't wait to see your headbands! :) 


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