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"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies" 

I've mentioned how I now have so many goals in my 'bucket notebook' that I couldn't possibly achieve all of these things in year or anytime soon! So I've turned them into incremental yearly goals... work on achieving a small part of them every year so as to not get overwhelmed and actually work through that list!

I absolutely love reading and don't get to do it as often as I would like. There's so many books to read, new ones coming out everyday and so many classics to get my hands on! So of the giant list of over 1,000 books I'd like to read in my lifetime...let's start with 52 a year. A book a week! Yes, that sounds like a lot, but here's how I accomplished this last year! 
1. Embrace all the platforms! I used to be that person that would be like "No, I want the physical copy in my hands, I want to feel and smell the pages and audiobooks/eBooks are never going to be worthy of my time!" Turns out that's not efficient, and a book is a book, no matter the platform, I'm still getting through a book rather than listening to music or playing pointless games on my phone or browsing through social media. 
  • Audiobooks
  •         I first started audiobooks when my commute to work turned into an hour! I was listening to the same not-so-great songs on the radio, and was so bored of music! That's when I learned about Overdrive! I can borrow books straight on my phone/device from the library for free! No late fees and an unlimited realm of ebooks and audiobooks! I now always have at least 3 audiobooks on my app, and get through about 1 a week IF I listen to it everyday to and from work. I also got to the point where it was going too slow for me...so I started to listen to them at 1.25x speed and then incrementally went higher as I got used to the pace and now I'm at 2x speed! I'm also able to have the app across multiple devices, and access multiple libraries so yes I do have multiple library cards!

  • eBooks
  •         I got a little too into the audiobooks for a while that I forgot about actually reading..oops! Luckily, I came across a few books that were just terrible to listen to and definitely needed to be read! But I don't want to buy them and don't want to lug them everywhere with me... hello Kindle (or other smart device)! I now always have my kindle with me, I can get even ten minutes worth of reading in while waiting on a friend; instead of getting on my phone and mindlessly wasting time on social media! I love that I can borrow books from the library on the kindle through the Overdrive app and friends. This thing is also so light and small that it fits in my hoodie pocket or a small purse! What!! So many books with me everywhere!

  • Books
  •         Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the physical books. I keep both a book and my kindle on my nightstand so I can pick it up before going to bed, usually this ends up being a book that I'm super into or have been waiting a really long time to read and just want to fully immerse myself in.

2. Make a queue! Most of the time people want to read but don't actually know what they should/want to read. I also don't want to spend time thinking of what to read next, nor do I want to go weeks without a book because I have no clue what to read or haven't been inspired or motivated to read something or haven't made it to a book store to browse books. That's where my love of Goodreads comes in! I can search and add any book at anytime in my 'want to read' shelf. I can follow an author I love. They give me recommendations on what to read! I can follow and challenge friends! It's perfect! When I need a book to read I can just go through a list of books I've compiled that I know I want to read and just pick one that stands out at that time! It's so easy! I also love lists so obviously the fact that it keeps track of books I've read and love is an extra bonus!

3. Compete! I'm a competitive person, against myself and against my friends. Goodreads satisfies this perfectly with their yearly reading challenge! I set my goal and every time I finish a book it updates my progress. I'm able to see my friend's challenges and at the end of the year they send me summary data of my year in books! I love it! My bestie and I have also started a book club together where we pick books we're both interested in and then discuss them a bit.

4. Make it easy! I have 3 different platforms to get through books now, and I have to spend extremely little time looking for books to read next. The only thing I have to do now is find the time in my day for this. Like I've said above, I'm able to fit in about 2-3 hours of audiobooks a day due to my work commute or really any driving time, that time no longer feels wasted! I try to get some of e/book reading in either in the morning first thing when I wake up, or at night right before falling asleep! Don't have a commute? Listen while working out! While getting ready in the morning! While folding your laundry! While cooking! I could keep going...but do you really want me to?  :)

Hope I was able to inspire you today! 

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