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"Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it!" 

I recently bought a beautiful lehenga choli, but unfortunately my blouse had no latkan, yet the lehenga had such gorgeous ones! So of course, I made my own!

The Details:
  • Price: ~ $15.00 
  • Time: ~ 2 hours 
  • Super glue (Indian fevicol worked much better if you have)
  • Wooden rings size 1'' 
  • Silk Thread - Embroidery type 
  • Decorative Tape  - .12in 
  • Jewelry jump rings - 12mm 
  • Beads 
  • Straw
  • Needle and thread
1. Wrap The Rings 
     Cut a small piece of the straw, about 2-3 inches in length. Cut a small snip in the middle and wrap your thread around the straw. This will help you maneuver around the wooden ring better. I didn't bother gluing the inside down, just made sure to wrap around a bunch to secure it well. 

2. Decorate
      Once all the rings have been wrapped, go ahead and super glue the ends down. VERY LIGHTLY! Use as little super glue as possible, if it explodes on you, it will completely change the texture and color of your thread! Now wrap each ring with decorative tape. It is tape, but a still suggest gluing both ends as I can't say I trust tape adhesive on thread. 

3. Combine
     Use the Jewelry Jump Rings to combine your colored wooden rings. I used one jump ring per wooden ring, and then connected them in a straight line. You're welcome to arrange however you like, the straight line gave me the aesthetic I aimed for. My indian jump rings were super secure, but the others I bought weren't trustworthy, therefore I superglued a bit at the ends. 
4. String Together
     I had terrible luck and didn't trust putting my thread through the jump rings, so instead I wrapped them around the wooden ring at the top. Right after I wrapped the thread around I double knotted. Now thread some beads you'd like, you're welcome to arrange this however you like. Make sure to once again double knot at the end. 

5. Connect to your blouse     *OPTIONAL*
     Now that you have this cute latkan made you can use it for any purpose. On a clutch, as a keychain, a rear view mirror car hanging etc. My purpose was to give my blouse a focal piece. Here's how to secure it onto the ties of the blouse piece. 
  • First I made a loop with the string of the blouse, and the sewed that closed.

  • Then I took the ends of the Latkan I had made and tied a knot closest to the beads inside the loop. I then just wrapped the thread around the loop a few times, tied a couple knots, wrapped, knots etc. Until a had no thread left. 

6. Test! 
     Try it on. Walk around. Jump. Jog. Skip. Dance. Do all the things to make sure you've crafted something sustainable. The best crafts are the ones that are sturdy, not the ones that fall apart easily. Don't forget to be proud of what you've created! 
I hope I was able to inspire you to get creative today! 

- A

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