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"To change your life, change your habits" 

I used to never drink water. I would drink anything but; juices, milk, soda, smoothies, etc. I could go days without having a glass of water, anytime I was thirsty I just picked something else to drink. I realized I wasn't really helping my body out and my skin was seeing the terrible effects. Well here we are 4 years later and drinking anywhere between 60 to 100+ oz DAILY!! Yes I know, it seems impossible right now but here's my hydration journey, hope it helps you get to your hydration goals this year!!

1. Stay Strong and Substitute! We live in a 'let's eat out' society. Happy hours, lunches, brunches, dinner and dessert dates are integrated into our lifestyles, this makes it crazy easy to drink anything but water all the time and not think twice about it. Start by making sure at least ONE of your daily meals and at least ONE occasion that you go out you're only drinking water. No other drink. It's a mental game, but trust me it's worth it! Once it's habit for at least one meal/occasion, try two, or three!
2. Make it Yummy! Let's face it, water doesn't taste nearly as good as other sugary tasty first. Drinking a glass of water seems so much harder than downing a mimosa. I get it. So try infusions!! I'm a fruit-a-holic so I always have fruit around the house. I started putting random fruit infusions together in my water bottle every night so my water tasted nice and yummy in the morning. Throughout the day I would just add more water to get infused and in the evening I would eat the fruit (I don't like wasting). Prep Time: 5 min!! Some of my favorite infusions: 
  • Cucumber Mint 
  • Lemon Strawberry 
  • Orange basil (Pineapple Basil is also yum)
  • Watermelon Mint 
  • Ginger Lemon (or Lime) 
  • Kiwi Raspberry (with a hint of Lemon)
I recommend avoiding blueberries and pomegranate, very yummy but the skin doesn't allow for actual infusing. Same with apples and pears, they have to soak much longer. Don't go with store bought infused water, not as healthy nor as tasty as they make them out to be! 

3. Tea Counts!  I started taking a couple packets of tea bags and a mini jar of honey in my backpack to work everyday. The coffee machines all have hot water and it was wonderful having some afternoon tea while working. At first I thought it was a little tasteless but eventually I started trying different teas and found the ones I like, honey helps as well! Night time before bed is also a time I love having some tea, it has definitely helped my sleep get a lot better! At night I do fresh grated ginger, lemon and some mint leaves. During the day I like the Revolution Tea. Great flavors! 
4. The Container is Important! You wouldn't think it, but the water bottle definitely has an effect on your water consumption (at least for me it does)! I started with the green gatorade water bottle - great, fits in my backpack water bottle holder, doesn't fit much else, HATED washing it! The mouth piece was hard to wash! Tried one of the steel ones, hated having to twist off the cap, also ice didn't fit. Loved the Smartwater bottle for a while, the flip top was awesome and all, could reuse for a while and then get a new one, but ice and lemon slices didn't fit. And then I found my amazing jars!! Glass jars with a handle, 24oz, straws, super easy to clean, go into a dishwasher, and fit all my yummy fruit and ice! I've been using the jars for just over two years now and my water consumption is at an all time high!! So definitely take the time to find the container that works for you!
  • PS! I swear that drinking out of a straw definitely gets me to drink more water. Don't ask me why or how, it just does. Try it!
5. Carry Your Water Everywhere! If you have it with you, you will drink it. Take your bottle everywhere. Keep it filled. I keep an extra water bottle in my car as well just incase I forget mine. Commit to this! 

6. Patience is key! You can't wake up tomorrow and go from 0 to 60oz in a day. It's not going to happen. It's also not sustainable. You have to build a habit. Start with 20 ounces at least 3 days a week. Move up to 30oz four days a week only once you're habitually reaching the previous goal. It takes time. Also it doesn't seem as hard if you start slow!

If all else fails, I've heard of people keeping timers on their phones. They set it up so either they have to drink a glass when the timer goes off or they have to have drank a certain amount of water every time the timer goes off.

Also, you will be peeing more frequently at first. Be ready!

Hope I was able to inspire you to hydrate more this year!

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