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"With organization comes empowerment"

I've been using a planner for as long as I can remember. It was my perfect way to stay organized with all my assignments and events. When I finished school and started working, I found that I didn't use my planner nearly as much as I used to, and the things I needed to remember and get done had changed. I needed a new method to stay organized.

2016 was my first year abandoning the planner and embracing the bullet journal. I'm low key obsessed!! Bullet journaling has proven to be the most customized way of staying organized and accomplished. It's easy, fun and allows me to explore new creative ways of staying organized. Here's how and why to start your own!

1. What is it? Bullet journals are to-do lists, goal and habit trackers, journals, diaries, planners, doodling space, etc all in one. You can truly make it into anything you want, and any combination of ways you want.

2. What's the time commitment like? Whatever you want!!!! :) When I first started mine I kept it super simple and just made sure to set up a year overview, month overview, and each week. But as I continued through the year I started trying different things. I also found different pages I felt like I needed. I tried different ways to organize my months and weeks to see what works best. Eventually I found things I liked, things I kept up with and pages I never used so they were a waste.

3. What do I need? 

  • A journal. I personally prefer the Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted journals. They come with an index, page numbers, and a little folder inside to store things. And they have awesome colors! Moleskin is another good option. 
  • Pens. I use the Papermate Inkjoy pens. Great color and fluidity. Sharpie pens and Microns are also amazing! 
  • A small ruler. Optional. I like having a small ruler in my little folder so my lines are straight, but it's your journal and your choice. 
4. How do I get started? I would start with what you're used to. A year overview; a page/s dedicated to all the events and important dates of your year, things like birthdays, trips, weddings, days off, etc are great here. A month overview; same as the year but obviously pertaining the the month, things like due dates, meetings, important reminders are great here. Your week; this is a great place for your tasks, assignments, events, chores, goals, meetings, etc! Here's a quick overview

5. Don't overthink it! Remember, this isn't supposed to be more work than just buying a planner. Everyone's bullet journal looks different, and if you google images, you get intimidated, I did. But it is about keeping you organized in a personal way, something a planner can't provide. So try your own thing. If it's too much time, do it differently next month, if you think you need something more, try something new. And do NOT feel bad if things get sloppy. Nobody is perfect and we all have those weeks where we just can't keep up. Either way, I've chosen the side of bullet journaling over a simple planner and I think it's worth a try for everyone! Enjoy! 

Here are tons of pictures of different set ups and pages you could include in your bullet journal. These are pages from my journal 2016, my journal 2017, and my sister's journal 2016/2017 (got her hooked too).


Here's a link for other ways to organize your bullet journal!!
Hope I was able to get you excited about your 2017 organization!!


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