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10:42 PM

So I did this craft a couple years ago, before I became addicted to pole and was trying to figure ways to workout at home. The general idea is to label colored sticks with exercises and pick any number of your choice everyday. For each exercise do 15 reps, 3 rounds each. You get a different yet effect workout everyday catered to you and your time convenience.

What you need: 
1. Colored popsicle sticks

2. Black Marker

3. A list of exercises - These are easy to find by googling. I chose to separate exercises by color. Blue stick exercises targeted abs, red - butt, yellow - arms , purple - legs, and orange - back. My pack only came with 3 greens sticks so those were labeled - yoga, pilates, &  run. 

Completed Craft: 

How To Use: 

I put all my sticks in a jar. When I was ready to workout I would pick 6 sticks of the same color, completely random. By picking the same color I'm able to target one area of my body everyday. If I wanted to do a full body workout I would pick 2 sticks of each color. I would do 15 reps of each exercise, 3 rounds.

Approx Craft Time: 45 min - 1 hour (researching exercises is what takes the longest) 

Now like I said, I don't use these anymore since I started pole, but I have realized that all my poling has my muscles tight and in need of more stretching. Therefore I'm going to be redoing this craft but with different stretches for my muscles instead of exercises. 

Don't exercise or already have a workout routine? This craft is pretty limitless... chores, a packing list for travel, foods/recipes, how to decide where to eat, date ideas for the year, chores or activities for kids, etc are all things that can be written on these and pulled at random! Let me know what you would use them for! :) 

Hope I was able to inspire you today! 

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