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"Your body can do anything, it's your brain you have to convince" 
I love trying new activities and hate when I feel like I can't do something because I may not be athletic enough. I know many of us are in the same boat. That's why every year I focus on one new fitness activity, and if I end up liking it, I continue doing it passed that year.

Why Every Year? I've realized I'm not the person that can go to the gym and bust out an insane workout by myself, sorry but 50 jumping jacks and some push ups is not fun for me. I am however motivated to learn a new skill, I want to try everything!!  Karate, kickboxing, rock climbing, yoga, pole dancing, surfing, archery, etc. There are so many sports and activities in the world to try, and I want to get to as many as possible!! I believe in giving something an honest chance before giving up on it, therefore, one a year and continue the ones I love!

Previous Years: I learned snowboarding one year and pretty much immersed myself in it one winter way back in college. Now I buy a season pass to the slopes every year! I started hiking another year, love being out in nature! I started running in 2015, hated it at first but stuck with it and now I like it, especially during summer sunsets with a good podcast/eBook! And I tried yoga for a bit, not really my thing.

Why Pole? For this year I was trying to decide between Kickboxing and Pole Dancing. My best friend had taken pole during college and she said she had been in the best shape when doing pole and it was something she loved! I chose pole because I knew it was something wayyy out of my comfort zone. I've realized a lot of things I end up loving are found outside of my comfort zone. After a month I was completely addicted! I love it now because the community it amazing! It's this hybrid of dance, gymnastics, strength building, elegance and grace! And it gives me the option to runaway to the circus (lol!). It's also a ridiculous workout, I'm truly in the best shape of my life, I can consistently see myself improving and there's always something to learn or work on!

How to pick an activity: For me it comes down to finances and convenience. I live in Colorado, learning how to surf is not convenient, but snowboarding is extremely feasible. When in school, I'm poor, running and hiking don't have to cost me a dime. I also like choosing things I'm not good at, I've never really tried or lie outside of my comfort zone.
  1. Groupon! Groupon has sooooo many athletic activities with 1-month unlimited classes passes! Most are under $100 and the selection is huge! Pick anything, go to as many classes as you can during the month, if you like it, continue. If not, get back on Groupon and buy a pass for something else! Repeat until you find something you love! And be happy about all the different things you tried until you found that thing you loved :) 
  2. YouTube! I really underestimate the power of youtube sometimes. I don't need to pay for a yoga class, I can go buy a mat (or be on carpet/rug) and just youtube some videos! They have everything!! I've done some belly dance tutorials, learned how to properly use a foam roller, how to stretch after running, and how to practice my splits all on youtube! They have close to everything! You can learn how to salsa dance, how to properly rock climb, you can even learn how to swim!!! Harness the FREE resource! 
  3. Location! Take advantage of where you live! Live near a beach? Learn how to paddle board, kayak, surf, swim etc! Near some mountains? Hike, white water raft, ski, snowboard, etc. Cornfields? Run, bicycle, swim?! Getting outside is wonderful and something we don't do nearly enough so take advantage of it! 
Expanding Horizons:  Trying new activities introduces you to a new world, new people, and new thoughts about the sport! You learn how difficult something truly is, and how much discipline it takes to improve. You learn to respect differences and persistence. If you told me a year ago that I would be going to pole dancing classes 5 times a week, I would have laughed and thought no way! But here I am 7 months in, completely addicted, stronger than I've ever been and going to about 6-8 classes a week!! It's not an easy sport, so much upper body strength needed, flexibility, and movement all while being graceful!  My skin has definitely become tougher, and oh my gosh the bruises! Not only has pole made me stronger and more confident than ever, but it's also made me more open minded! And I have an awesome group of pole sisters now who I share the love of this sport with and hang out with outside of class! 

Future Endeavors (aka things I'd like to try one day): Aerial silk acrobatics (The people that do the cool stuff with the curtain!), aerial lyra, archery, pilates, kickboxing, fencing, belly dancing, and soul cycle are all fitness activities that I'd like to try one day! 

What are you going to try this year?!


Here's a list of sports to help find an idea
A great Buzzfeed to open your mind to pole!

****Since writing this post! *******
I wrote this blog post on August 23rd, 2016. It's now the end of 2018....

I've officially tried Kickboxing, I bought a 10 class Groupon to I Love Kickboxing. It was not my thing, a stellar workout, but I got really bored. Ended up only using 6 of 10 classes.

I've also now tried Aerial Silks, Trapeze and Lyra. I LOVE Lyra. I now go to both Pole and Lyra in my week! I've also seen myself improve in both differently as both sports definitely compliment each other!

I've also tried Rock Climbing and Archery. Both great fun and stellar activities! I don't see myself picking up either as routine workouts but great fun to do with friends for a friday night hang out sesh!

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