2016 Goals | Midyear Evaluations

2:48 PM

Because we're just over halfway through the year, I wanted to evaluate my progress on my 2016 goals!

1. Try 1 New Adventurous Activity
  • DONE - I went night kayaking through the Chicago River with my siblings! We got to watch the sunset while rowing through the city and ended by the pier to watch fireworks! Highly Recommend!!
2. Visit 2 US States
  • 50% - I visited Illinois the first time when I went to Chicago, and I'll be going to Boston, Massachusetts this coming August. 
3. Do 3 Fun Runs
  • 33% - I ran the Bolder Boulder 10k in May, and am signed up for the Rugged Maniac (Aug) and Dirty Girl (Sept) for the remainder of the year. 
4. Hike 3 14ers
  • 0% - This goal is proving difficult to accomplish, it's part of a bigger goal; wanting to hike all 50+ 14ers in Colorado. Hoping to get on this soon though!
5. Try 1 New Fitness Activity
  • DONE - I started dance classes in January and it's become part of my routine! I go to dance around 3 times a week and absolutely love it! I've also made so many new friends!
6. Do 1 Major Painting
  • 20% - I've started my painting! So far it's going well, though anyone following me on snapchat knows I have trouble with the green! 
7. Learn 1 new Art Form
  • 30% - I'm learning sewing and embroidery this year! I've learned a lot of the basics but need to practice more and finish the pattern I'm working on! 
8. Visit 1 new Country
  • 0% - Currently no plans to go out of country this year, but there's still 5 months left to plan something! 
9. Listen/Catch up to 6 Podcasts
  • Millennial - A few episodes away from being caught up, though I don't think I'll continue listening, not my fave. 
  • Entrepreneurs En Vogue - Caught up and LOVE! This is my favorite podcast and extremely motivating! I listen to it while I run! 
  • Stuff you Missed in History Class - Too many to catch up anytime soon! But love it! 
  • Serial - Need to listen to season 2! Super interesting! 
  • Codepen - Haven't started 
  • 99% Invisible - Haven't started
10. Read 52 Books
  • 58% - 30 of 52 read! So far my favorite's are: The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Creativity Inc, and The Tipping Point. 
11. Write 20 Blog Posts
  • 25% - Ironic! Not doing so hot in this category so far! 
12. Learn about 1 Art Era/Style
  • 0% - Yet another goal I haven't started yet. Though I know I'd like to explore Impressionism this year , that's a start right?!
13. Do 3 Crafts 
  • 33% - I love arts and crafts and have so many ideas of crafts I'd like to do all the time! But life gets in the way, so 3 projects is not only fully doable but also keeps me from indulging too much or too little into arts and crafts! So far I've been working on my handlettered favorite quote book, I also have some travel crafts planned! 
14. Make a couple new friends
  • These last two are the most important to me! I feel like it's harder to meet people and even more, making lasting friendships once out of college! And I love making friends! I love meeting new people and learning their stories! So of course this is one my goals! :) 
15. Get Fit and Healthy!
  • This is the most important goal of the year! Last year my major goal was to focus on my career, now that that has been established it's time to focus on my health! My sleep schedule is the most important to me when it comes to my health because I feel like it's the easiest to lose track of and one that throws everything else off (like eating and exercising) for me!

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