Goals | Monday Motivation

9:35 PM

"Slow and steady wins the race"

It's Monday! Yay! Just kidding, I know Mondays are usually dreadful for most people, yet there are those that consistently say, "Never miss a Monday." I'm not one of those people. So how is it that I can keep up with my yearly resolutions and weekly goals without actually caring whether or not I dive all in right at the beginning? Know thyself.

Everyone is different. There are those people that fully immerse themselves in their new goals and it works for them. Others that have to take one step at a time and layer on. I'm that latter. I've tried the immersion, workout every day starting in January and clean up my eating habits and be on a super strict routine, lasts about three weeks for me. Fail!

About 8% of people complete they're yearly goals, according to a simple google search. That's sad. Why tho? So many people go all out right at the beginning, dive right in and then give up before, or mid February. I don't start until February! I spend my January really thinking about what I want my goals to be and how to execute them. I try different things like can I fit my workout in the morning? afternoon? evening? How long can I make it? What type of workout? When can I make time to paint? or read a book? I'll try all the different things and times of day through January and sometimes into February, by then my brain has been thinking about these goals for so long that they're pretty ingrained in me. Plus I haven't exhausted myself by completely changing my lifestyle. By the time I get to February or March I'm ready to start my goals, slow at first and keep escalating. It works for me, I make it all the way through December and into the next year!

Weekly goals are different, I start on Tuesday. Yes, again very strange but I know me. I know that Monday is my day to get back to work, figure out my schedule for the rest of the week, get my sleep schedule back on track and motivation is at an all time low! I know that Tuesday all that stuff has been thought of and figured out so I have absolutely no excuse not to spend my time on the things I want to accomplish! Monday is only 1 day of 7, there's 6 more to get things done, figure out which days are yours to own!

I start small. I've mentioned how I don't really change everything on day 1, I have to ease myself into things. For example, my being healthy goal. I started with water. Just carrying a water bottle every day and trying to get my 8 glasses in. Once I found that had become part of my lifestyle, I added breakfast. I started trying to find different foods I would like to start my day with, made sure I was eating a proper breakfast twice a week, then thrice, etc.

I know that I'm someone that needs to layer things on and start slow and steady, I encourage you to figure out what type of person you are so you can get closer to achieving those awesome goals!

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