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7:56 PM

Get excited and make things! 

I love art. I've known it since I was little but never truly pursued it. I never allowed myself to take an art class nor really indulge in art supplies, until college. I started crafting more and more and exploring other art forms as well such as Oil and Acrylic painting, and scrapbooking. I realized that I want to learn it all!! I want to learn quilling and calligraphy and sewing and watercolors and hand lettering and wood carving and on and on!! So back to my bucket notebook, I have this ever growing list of art forms I'd like to try out and indulge in and I choose one every year to focus on! By focusing on just one I don't get overwhelmed, I feel accomplished, I learn a new skill and I know whether or not I want to continue pursuing it!

This year my new art form was Hand Lettering. I find it so beautiful and have always wanted to create such beautiful works of art. The more I learned about hand lettering it led me down a path which included calligraphy and brush lettering too! I was able to start with some works but learned that each of these is a little more difficult for left handers! :(

Either way, I chose to pursue just brush lettering this year, and turns out it's difficult for us left handers because instead of pulling we're pushing our pens and therefore the strokes don't turn out correct. How I got started:
  1. Found tons of online tutorials
  2. Started following some people on Instagram to get ideas
  3. Found some markers around the house that I liked the flow of
  4. Just went for it!

Now before I got too deep into brush lettering, the opportunity to learn sewing and embroidery presented itself to me, and again my year goal changed!

Living with my parents means I'm always around my mother and grandmother who continuously partake in beautiful sewing, knitting, and embroidery ventures! Not only are they always learning something new but they also know the traditional embroideries of our state in India. So now that I'm not in school and free to do what I wish after 5pm, I recruited mom and grandma to teach me all their amazing sewing tricks! Here's what I have so far...

I'm loving all the different types of stitching I am learning and it allows me to spend more time with family. Even though my art goal changed a few times this year I'm still able to pursue something that I have always wanted to learn! Plus I'm still spending my time immersed in art and more importantly with family, my grandma definitely loves that I'm willing to learn her favorite pass time! As I get better I'll try posting a embroidery 101 tutorial, until then what's a skill you've always wanted to learn?


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